Nourishing the Rivers of Energy

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Spring 2019

Location and Dates TBD!

Yin yoga is a slow, yet powerful practice that targets the yin tissues of the body (fascia, bones, ligaments & joints), and supports overall wellness and balance. As an integrative practice, yin naturally lends itself to mindful and meditative states of mind, which can lead to full-bodied awareness and transformation. Sequences are artfully designed to cultivate vitality in the body, stillness in the mind and nourishment for the soul.

Yin Yoga is simple, but simple does not mean easy.

~ Bernie Clark

Yin Yoga as Science: The science of yin yoga has foundations in Eastern models of health and wellness, including modern meridian theory and the subtle body. This training offers an integrative approach to working with the mind-body based in Western models of somatic and transpersonal psychology. 

Yin Yoga as Ritual: Rituals are part of everyday life and often include habits of daily living that support structure, nourishment and balance. The ritual of yin yoga offers an intentional container for tuning into the deeper messages of your body. During this training you’ll have the opportunity to practice systematically releasing habitual patterns of stress and tension in the body and cultivate healthier rituals of relating to your mind, body and soul. In turn, you will learn how to sequence your classes to facilitate inner transformation and physical release in the body. You'll also discover other techniques for creating space through your offerings and sequencing.

Yin Yoga as Transformation: Transformation is a part of life and an aspect of practicing yoga. Knowing how to guide and hold transformation in the yoga studio through the practice of yin yoga can support others in cultivating a deeper relationship with their practice. Teaching yin yoga is truly an art, so while there is no one way to "hold space" and guide this practice, understanding the fundamental requirements will give you the tools to be an effective and supportive yin yoga teacher.


Yoga can be an inward journey of body-mind sensitivity during both our so-called practice time and our time spent everywhere else. It is at this point that yoga is o longer relegated to an activity we do while wearing certain clothes at the yoga center or gym, but instead becomes a living vehicle for embodied wholeness, a potent path of transformation.

~ Sarah Powers


Two Modules, One Complete Training: This 40 hour training is taught through two modules. Each module includes a combined 20hours of practice, instruction, and self-study. Each modules counts towards 20 hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education.

The first module sets the foundation for deepening your learning and practice of yin yoga and provides you with the fundamental skills for teaching yin yoga to others. The second module goes deeper into the principles of teaching yin yoga and includes techniques for working with special populations, how to effectively use props, and delves further into the psychology and energetics of yin, providing you with tools and practices to become a transformative yin yoga teacher. 


Module One: Spring 2019

What you will learn in Module One:

  • The basic philosophy and anatomy of yin yoga

  • An understanding of the most common yin poses and how to teach them effectively

  • Mindful sequencing for nourishing classes

  • History and lineage(s) of Yin Yoga

  • Basics of yoga psychology and how to support a mindful and integrative yin practice

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for 20 hours of CEU credits.


Module Two: Spring 2019

What you will learn in Module Two:

  • How to mindfully assist students in poses

  • Use of props for different bodies

  • Working with prana, chakras, and koshas

  • How to adapt yin yoga for special populations (etc. pregnancy, trauma, common physical concerns)

  • Further explore the tenets of ritu and yoga psychology for creating transformational classes

  • Grow personally and professionally through developing your voice as a yin yoga teacher

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for 20 hours of CEU credits.


*Modules can be taken separately.

Module One can be taken alone or along with Module Two. However, to take Module Two, you will need clearance from Kendra. If you feel you already have the foundations of teaching yin yoga and you would like to deepen your teaching by only taking Module Two, please use the Contact form on this website to contact Kendra and inquire.



Are you ready to delve deeply into the quiet power of yin yoga?


Upon completion of each Module you will receive a certificate for 20 Hours of Yin Yoga Training. These hours count towards your ongoing professional development and can be used for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits.

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