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Deeper Yin: An Extended Yin & Meditation Series for Restoring Balance

  • Ojas Yoga Center 707 El Cerrito Plaza, 2nd floor (2nd floor access by Trader Joe's) El Cerrito, CA 94530 (map)

Saturdays, 11am-1pm

Oct. 14, 28 & Nov. 4, 18

$150 for the Entire Series

Pre-Registration by Oct. 4 required to attend

Deepen your yin practice and cultivate a meditative mind to restore balance from head to toe from the inside out. During this series, you’ll learn more about the philosophy of yin and delve into the depth of your yoga practice through experiencing a deeper range of yin yoga. You’ll also discover new tools and practices for growing in your understanding of yin to restore and heal.

Each workshop will build upon each other to form a well-rounded and holistic yin practice.

Oct. 14 – Nourishing the Body’s Essence: During the first workshop of this extended yin series we will work with the kidney and urinary bladder meridians, activating the body’s elimination system and stimulating the essence energy in the body to cultivate prana (chi, life-force energy) to support the body’s optimal functioning.

 Oct. 28 – Freeing the Hips (Li/GB): The second part of the series will focus on opening up the liver and gallbladder meridians while you access the deeper tissues of the hips, inner thighs and sideline edges of the body. You’ll focus clearing stagnation in the tissues and on releasing tension and stress in the physical body while moving towards fuller freedom in the emotional layer of the body.

Nov. 4 – Supporting Healthy Hormones & Digestion (St/Sp): The spleen is known as the source of life for the other organs in the body and when the spleen is balanced, there is a sense of feeling earthy, sensual, and connected to the full capacity of the body. During third workshop in this series, you’ll nourish the mind-body-spirit with a stomach and spleen sequence to improve digestion, support assimilation, and balance the hormones.

 Nov. 18 – Full Body Restore (whole body): In this final workshop, you’ll be led through a whole body deeper yin practice that will integrate and bring together elements learned throughout the series, giving you the opportunity to experience the wholeness that yin can bring to your yoga practice. Upon completing the fourth class of this series, you’ll have a more holistic understanding of yin yoga and how to bring yin into your daily life.