About Dr. Kendra

I've been studying the human mind, psychological development, and behavior for 18 years through the western lens of psychology and practicing yoga for nearly 15 years. I received my yoga teacher certification in 2013 and have over 500 hours of teacher training. 

In 2008, I went back to school to receive my PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. While at university for my doctorate, I studied esoteric spiritual traditions,

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including authentic tantra as practiced in India, transpersonal psychology, transformative education and learning, somatics, and yoga. Simultaneously, I also was experiencing deep personal and professional transformation — the kind that shakes your world up and requires significant life changes to not just get through it, but to thrive through it. As I studied transformation, I was also in the midst of profound change. Having gone through this experience, I have a unique vantage point, depth of experience, and practical knowledge that allows me to address underlying patterns of human psychological and spiritual development with powerful tools for cultivating lasting personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. 

In additional to my work with spiritual counseling and teaching yoga, I am Program Director and Core Faculty in the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology department at the California Institute of Integral Studies and teach at Alef Trust, on online Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology program located in the UK.


About the Yoga of Leadership

The Yoga of Leadership is my operating business name and is borne from the inspiration to support modern people who live spiritual lives to cultivate deep and profound inner leadership through the ancient practices of soul-tending (spiritual counseling); self-inquiry (transpersonal psychology); dedicated practice, reflection and relaxation (yoga/meditation/yoga nidra); intensive self-exploration (retreats/workshops/trainings); and holistic well-being (ayurveda).