The Psychology of Yoga

The rich and diverse landscape of yoga can be traced back to as early as 3,000 BCE and provides a framework for understanding who you are, what's your dharma (your true work) and how you can support your individual growth while serving the greater whole. Modern psychology (as we understand it today) dates back to the 1800s and offers a complex map for understanding the psyche, tools for integrating "the stuff of life," and gifts of the western approach for working with the mind-body. This (re)evolutionary approach is an east-west approach to alchemizing the ever increasing complexities of living a modern lifestyle into authentic ways of living that are attuned to your true nature, while allowing you to thrive and live an extraordinary life.

Individual Coaching

As a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, registered yoga teacher, certified spiritual guide and trained somatic practitioner, I provide integrative coaching based in the transformative framework of the psychology of yoga and The Yoga of Leadership. Kendra's approach to coaching is highly intuitive and individualized to your unique circumstances, needs and goals. 

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